I absolutely adore this fabulous idea. This booklet is the perfect, compact, log for tracking life throughout the year.

It is simple, well spaced, unpretentious, and has just what you need to jot down things worth remembering (for "better" and "worse") which you might otherwise forget or take for granted.

I think this is a great tool for both gratitude practice and for learning from, inspiring us to roll with the punches and keep on showing up in the land of the living each day. It also pairs well with the Moon Turtle Mood Journal if one is so inclined to use both. Easy to pack in a purse or backpack, to keep in the auto, or to stow neatly on a desk or bookshelf.

Thank you for creating such a worthwhile idea, which is quite valuable to the end of encouraging being present for one's lived experience. It makes a nice gift as well.

– Jo, What Did I Even Do This Year?

Anna Birchall