Release Notes — Moon Turtle: A Mood Journal V4

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You might have noticed that Moon Turtles look a little different… And you’d be correct. But it’s not just the cover that’s new. The whole thing has been refurbed.

  1. Most obviously, a new cover. Hooray! Beautiful, huh? To me it’s journeys and memories and feelings all flowing and weaving and big and small and ugh so pleasing. I hope you like it too.

  2. Instead of 21 days, MTV4 is 28 days! Four week… Not a full month. I don’t want you to feel like you have to wait for the start of a new week or month to get documenting. Carpe this diem.

  3. On the journal pages, all of the margins have been adjusted so that little trucks can happy drive all around the content. Also the weight on the lines has been halved, so over all, it’s much more gentle. (This was a really exciting update for me.)

  4. Here’s a magic trick for you, I call this one ‘spatial efficiency'. It looks like there’s less content on there than V3, but actually there is more!

  5. No more morning check-in, evening check-in! You go through as you please. I have ordered it in the way that I think is most logical time-wise, but it’s entirely up to you when you fill in what. This also means that there’s no double up of content, so more room for extra details.

  6. Such as…

    1. How are you feeling?
      There’s a scale with ten nodes on it. You can choose how this works. And because the spectrum of feeling can really be captured on a scale from one to ten, there’s room underneath to give your assessment out of ten some context by picking three words to describe how you feel.

    2. Gratitude / appreciation
      Is still important so it made the cut, but this time it asks you why too. Even in the shittiest, most swampy of times, there are still things you can appreciate. When you start to look for them, they’re everywhere. 

    3. Little things that count checklist
      Nourishing daily micro tasks that contribute to your mood and wellbeing. If we only did stuff when we felt good, we’d miss out on so much stuff! Sometime when you feel like trash and hiding in your bed, that’s when you have to give yourself that push to get going and just to one single thing. If you can check off all of these things daily, hooray, that’s great for you, your body and your mind! If you don’t quite get them all done, that’s okay too, but do your best.

    4. Medication and substance intake
      This may or may not apply to you. It’s at your discretion as to what falls into each category. If there’s not enough room here, you can expand on it in the notes section.

    5. Just one single thing today
      Track down one thing you enjoyed and make a note of it. This is a really wholesome bank to make daily deposits into.

    6. Just one single thing tomorrow
      Going to sleep knowing there’s one thing you’re looking forward to the next day is a powerful little thing. 

    7. Notes
      There’s a notes section on each page. You can use this space to expand on any of the other sections if you want to say a bit more about them. I appreciate not all of us are writers, that’s okay. In the front of the journal I have included some prompts if you want to have your own fifteen minute therapy session, but you’re not sure what to talk about. 

    8. A wise woman once said…
      V3 asked you to jot down your own quote or mantra each day… too much hard work – I’ve done it for you! If you come across something someone says that really sticks with ya, hold on to it in your notes section.

  7. In previous versions of Moon Turtle, there has been a list of New Zealand and Australian helplines at the back. About 40% of Moon Turtle journals end up outside of these countries, so this page has been removed. (By adding an additional seven journal days, some things had to give so that it could still be stapled together!)

So there you have it! That’s Moon Turtle V4 in a nutshell. If you’d like to experience it in the flesh, you can pre-order yourself a copy. Get in soon for a pre-order special of $12.00 including shipping (normally $15.00).

Moon Turtle