Daily Nutrients for complex house plants AKA humans

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Let’s talk NOOTRIENTS.

When you think nutrients, you probably think of green vegetables and garlic. Which is exactly right, and both of those are hugely valuable for our bodies. However, this is just the tip of the nutrients iceberg.

Our bodies need nourishing. As do our minds and our souls. And they all need a range of nutrients. It might sound a little //alternative// but hear me out, it may help to put into perspective the value of the ‘ingredients’ making up your life.

Think of it this way, to be lonely, is to be socially malnourished. Having weak hair and nails is a sign of physical malnourishment. To be feeling uninspired, is to be lacking the nutrients that create passion and creativity.

You know the old adage, “you are what you eat”?

I believe it’s bigger than that. The concept extends beyond food. You are what you consume and surround yourself with.

It includes the people you spend most of your time with, the music and podcasts you listen to, the movies you watch, the sleep you get, the words you tell yourself.

What are these cultivating? Are they uplifting and growing you? Or do they drain you?

I have a (mental) list of people whose company makes me feel warm, inspired, confident and joyous. Similarly, I have a list of podcasts I that do the same, activities too. I know what foods drain me and make me feel sluggish, and which give me energy and feel well.

I have a general list I try to make my way through each day; I try to make them a part of my routine. I don’t stress if I don’t fit them all in – that would be counterproductive! I just ask my body what it needs, and try to prioritise what it is I feel I’m missing.

Daily essential nutrients

  1. Laughter
    The physiological effect laughing has is really quite incredible. Even fake laughter is beneficial as far as your endorphins are concerned.

  2. Sunshine

  3. Water

    I’m combining sunshine and water because you know how important both of these are for plants – not enough of either essentially means death. It’s not quite as dire for humans, there’s a bit more to the equation. But we are essentially complicated house plants.

  4. Exercise/movement
    Our bodies are designed to move. Do what you can, anything is better than nothing. If you can bosh out some exercise in nature, even better! Going for a walk around the block, playing tennis, going swimming, or even just sitting on the floor and doing some stretches.

  5. Shower
    I really love having a shower just before bed. It’s like a mini closing of a chapter, washing off the day. It’s five minutes where the only thing I have to think about is not getting shampoo in my eyes.

  6. Hug or high five
    Humans are social by nature. Some people require more ‘social nutrients’ than others, but some sort of human interaction is hugely important for our wellbeing.

  7. Nature

    Humans have evolved to be in nature. Relatively speaking, it’s not all that long we’ve been so disconnected from the outdoors on a daily basis. When was the last time you had your bare feet in the grass or the sand? Research is showing that there are cognitive and restorative benefits to being out in nature.

  8. Gratitude
    Call it what you like, gratitude is a hugely powerful, and limitless resource that is free and available to anyone and everyone whenever and wherever they like. You can’t always summon things like love or happiness on demand, but they stem from gratitude.

  9. Meditation
    Meditation is like a shower for your mind.

  10. Green leafy vegetables
    The food you eat talks directly to your hormones, and your hormones are hugely influential in how you feel. The more nutrient dense the food you eat is, the better you’re going to feel.

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