How it works: Shark Week Calendar


Hormones are tied up in a bunch of things in our minds and bodies (okay, that’s a raging understatement, they’re involved in absolutely everything we do), especially your menstrual cycle and your mental health.

Your period can really mess with your mood and how you feel. Knowing what day of your cycle your on can help you prepare for the changes that coincide with that time and you can set yourself up to rolls with the punches.

This one is A5 (we love A5) on an A4 page, so you can print it out and cut it up if you want it smaller.

So, here’s how it works.

There are two key markers you can use that tell you slightly different things.

  1. Numbers
    On the day first of your period, write 1 in the box and keep counting upwards each day until the start of your next period, at which point the counter resets and you start at one again. It’s really helpful information to know which day of your cycle your on at any given time. There’s so much more to it than ‘yes I have my period right now’ and ‘no I don’t have my period right now’.

    Your hormones go through changes throughout your cycle, which will have an effect on how you feel at certain times of the month.

  2. Circles

    Circle mark the numbers of the days you actually have your period. For example, your cycle is 28 days, and you period lasts five days, day 1-5 will have circles around them.

  3. Bonus markers

    As well as numbers and circles, you can add any other markers and symbols. Maybe you want to keep track of how heavy your flow is, if you experience cramps on certain days, if you have trouble sleeping – anything like that!

There are a bunch of apps out there that will do this and more. But you if just want to keep it simple and straightforward, doing it by hand is a nice alternative.

Anna BirchallComment