Behind the clouds the sun is shining

Anna Birchall - Clouds.jpg

I recently returned from Dubai where I spent five days with my older brother who is currently living there.

As whenever I am on a plane, I am reminded of and delighted by one of my favourite metaphors.

The weather was trash when we took off the tarmac. It was windy and rainy – I couldn’t see further than ~5m out the little window.

As we ascended through and above the clouds, we left the rain beneath us, and sunshine – which was there all along – poured into the cabin.

Even though we sometimes struggle to see beyond the shitty metaphorical weather, upsetting thoughts and the feelings that hurt get in our way of seeing the good in life, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

And even if you don’t quite have the strength to propel yourself beyond the clouds, remember that eventually they will pass. Either way you’ll make it back into the sunshine – which was there all along – soon enough.


Anna Birchall