Self-Compassion and Dr Anna Friis

Moon Turtle Dr Anna Friis and Self-compassion

Yesterday, I had the absolute heart-warming pleasure of listening to @annamaryfriis speak about the power of self-compassion.

The foundation principle – treat yourself like you would a dear friend – is so simple in theory, but can take real work to apply and live consistently. However, this is a skill that we can work on and get better at. The research shows that being kind to ourselves has a myriad of benefits, the kind we dream of for our-best-selves.

If you catch yourself berating your own being, pause for a second, and ask “would I say this to anyone I care about? No? Then why would I say this to myself?”

Nothing bad will come from being kind, gentle, and loving with yourself. It’s not true that you need to beat yourself up to get ahead in life, it won’t bring you happiness – happiness you deserve.

And if you think you don’t deserve happiness, ask yourself the question, “would I say this to anyone I care about?”

Make your one purpose today to be honest with, kind to, and accepting of yourself. See what that brings you.

Anna Birchall