This time last year I spontaneously stayed with my parents for a week (long story short, basically I had a breakdown and refused to get on the plane back to Auckland after visiting over Labour Weekend).

My dad suggested we go for a drive – which I think he might do to facilitate a conversation in which we don’t have to look at each other while we talk – clever tactic I reckon anyway. I let him in on my thoughts – I’ve always had somewhat of an underlying existential crisis going on in me. I just couldn’t see the point in life, or in anything really. I asked him what his purpose in life was.

And I don’t think I could have gotten a better response. “I have many purposes in life, and they change all the time.” It made so much sense, I felt like an idiot for looking for one single answer.

“My purpose used to be to look after my family, but now you can pretty much do that yourselves, and I have other purposes. Some days my purpose is to go for a bike ride and read a book, sometimes it’s to do my job to the best of my ability. At the moment my overall purpose is to live a life as pain-free as possible – that means looking after myself, asking myself what I need, not necessarily what I want.” We talked about ‘purpose’ until it didn’t sound like an actual word anymore.

What's your purpose for today, or this week, or this year? Would LOVE to hear what gets you up in the morning!

Anna BirchallComment