What even is a Moon Turtle?

You're not the first to ask…

I was sitting in a noisy bar when I told a pal I was designing a mood journal. Over the noise, with a bamboozled look on his face, he exclaimed, 'What the f**k is a moon turtle?'

Moon Turtle! I decided right then and there that I liked 'Moon Turtle' far better than the boring name I originally had in mind.

 Imogen and Anna, hello!

Imogen and Anna, hello!

Moon Turtle is a project started and run by Anna Birchall and Imogen Holmstead-Scott. 

It all began as part of an assignment Anna was doing at Yoobee School of Design in 2015. There were two copies of the original version of Moon Turtle: A Mood Journal. Both were printed and handbound. One was submitted for marking, and the other was sent to Imogen in Wellington. When its toes were put in the water, it proved to be more helpful than just helping to pass a course. With the help and energy of Imogen, the design was refined and put into production.

Since then, over 3,000 Moon Turtles (and three different editions) have been printed in Wellington, and sent out to help people both here in New Zealand and in various countries around the globe.